Josh & Rachel: Wedding Album

Anyone who knows me would be aware of how much I value a printed photograph. They would also know how much I go on about the fact that photos are made to be printed! Especially wedding photos, having a quality made album is such an important part of ensuring that your photos are always there for you or family members to see, and don’t require a battery to charge or a screen to load for you to view them. Don’t get me wrong guys, digital files are also super important, but there’s something so special about having your photos printed in a wedding album that you get to keep forever. Having an actual physical copy of memories from your day that can be passed down from generation to generation is also pretty darn awesome.

All of the spreads in my wedding albums are carefully designed by myself and then lovingly handmade by the amazing team over at Lone Pine Albums (all made in Australia with the finest quality materials).

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